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Kashmir - My Story and History

Whenever I hear the name of Kashmir, a myriad of emotions fill me, seldom good. A little-known fact about myself — I am part Kashmiri from my fathers’ side. What little Kashmiri blood I possess that courses through my veins is blood that I am deeply proud of. …

Back from the Dead

On July 6th 2020, I graduated from university - not in a fancy hall accompanied by a lavish ceremony, but quietly in my dorm room in Amsterdam. No red carpets welcomed me to the end of this journey, they were replaced by the pixels of my…

Sympathy for the Devil

In the entirety of human history, how many individuals have prayed for the salvation of the being that arguably needed it the utmost? Satanists certainly will have (perhaps), to an extent — but it is unclear if, in their hearts, they are praying for him or to him. And yes…